Spike in Speeding Tickets Amid COVID-19 Shutdown

Posted on March 30, 2021 by John

Because coronavirus has cleared up the California highways, more and more drivers see this as a rare opportunity to speed through the roads. In this time, one reckless driver reached up to 165 mph!

Since the stay-at-home order took effect on March 19th, law enforcement officers have increased speeding citations above 100 mph by 87 percent.

California Highway Patrol officials calculated 2,493 speeding violations in this short amount of time compared to the smaller 1,335 during the same time last year. This rise in speeding tickets has also spiked despite the volume of drivers decreasing to about 35 percent.

CHP Commissioner, Warren Stanley, has expressed his concerns for this speeding ticket spike, saying, “It is alarming to see the number of citations officers are writing for excessive speeds. Higher speeds can lead to much more serious injuries and significantly increase the chance of death should a crash occur.” There is no doubt that these high speeds are increasing drivers’ risk of injury or accident.

In San Juan Capistrano, a driver sporting a Chevrolet Camaro hit Interstate 5 at an alarming 165 mph. He was caught, arrested, and charged with various offenses, including speeding, reckless driving, and driving without a license.

In an effort to slow California drivers down, CHP has decided to remind drivers using display messages on over 700 electronic highway signs placed throughout the state.

One of the signs will read, “If you must travel, do not speed.”

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