Should I Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney?

Posted on March 16, 2021 by John

Typically, people decide to represent themselves in traffic court after deciding they’d like to contest their traffic tickets. However, it is beneficial to consider hiring a traffic attorney. Depending on the circumstances, some drivers won’t benefit from spending time and money hiring a lawyer. Yet, for many people, hiring an attorney is most definitely worth the cost and can prevent higher fines and consequences. Thankfully, we have compiled a list of factors you may want to consider before making a decision.

DUIs and Other Serious Charges

It is important to note the major differences between minor traffic violations (like running a stop sign) and more severe driving crimes, such as driving under the influence. To no surprise, the consequences administered for a minor traffic violation conviction are a lot easier to deal with than the consequences following a DUI or other criminal charges. So, while some people might be able to defend themselves for a traffic ticket, fighting a serious charge may require professional legal representation.

The Costs of Hiring a Traffic Attorney

When it comes down to it, the only downside of hiring a traffic attorney is the cost. Despite attorneys offering a range of fees, many traffic ticket fines either cost the same or less than hiring an attorney. So, you may be wondering why you should even consider it. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the numerous benefits that can justify the expense.

Some employers and union memberships offer legal plans that pay for a portion or all legal fees. So, this may be a great option to look into!

The Benefits of a Traffic Lawyer

A Traffic Attorney Can Go to Court for You

Attorneys can represent the defendant in court without them present. If a person decides to contest a traffic ticket alone, they will typically appear in court at least two times. But by hiring an attorney, you will most likely be able to avoid going to court altogether.

Informed Legal Advice

One of the major downfalls of representing yourself in court is the lack of legal knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, most people don’t know the best routes to take in a given case, while experienced traffic lawyers do. They have the best chance of resolving your ticket in the best-case scenario. Also, this informed legal advice does not only apply to education. Instead, many experienced attorneys have a better understanding of the judges and law enforcement officers related to your case. Because of this, they will have a better idea of how to defend you.


While negotiations and plea bargaining are most commonly seen in severe criminal cases, they can still be executed in traffic cases. For example, some attorneys can negotiate moving violation tickets down to non-moving violations and ultimately, avoid traffic violation points.

            Traffic Court Trials

To no surprise, experienced traffic lawyers will have a much higher chance of winning a trial than the average person. It is their job to spend hours in courtrooms and have extensive knowledge of the law. So, hiring a lawyer ensures you don’t weaken your case and get convicted with bad defenses, like “I didn’t see the traffic sign” or “I didn’t think I was going that fast.”

Situations an Attorney Would Be Unnecessary

In some cases, it’s best to avoid spending money on a traffic attorney. For example, people who are eligible for traffic school and have no real chance at defending their ticket should save the money and simply sign up for traffic school themselves.

Situations an Attorney Would Be Crucial

            Commercial Drivers

Because commercial drivers drive for a living, they are subject to harsher rules than regular drivers. For example, specific traffic violations may lead to their commercial driver’s license (CDL) being revoked. So, because there is more at stake for commercial drivers, it would be in their best interest to hire a traffic attorney.

            Drivers Who Have A Surplus of Tickets

License suspension often occurs after a driver procures multiple tickets within a short period. So, beating a traffic ticket could mean the difference between being able to drive and not being able to. Therefore, these drivers should be extra cautious and get an attorney involved.

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