Should You Hire a Speeding Ticket Lawyer?

Posted on July 6, 2023 by John

Getting a speeding ticket at one time or another is common for most drivers. Generally, it’s just an irritating inconvenience. In some cases, however, it’s a good idea to contest a speeding ticket with the help of a skilled speeding ticket lawyer.

4 Reasons to Hire a Speeding Ticket Lawyer

The reasons you should consider hiring a speeding ticket lawyer include:

  1. You Were Wrongly Accused of Speeding. It’s not uncommon for police officers to issue tickets under circumstances that don’t constitute speeding. If this happens to you, it would be wise to get legal help from an attorney specializing in fighting traffic violations. A speeding ticket lawyer can review your case and help you fight the ticket. If the officer was wrong, and you didn’t break any laws, then it’s likely that the charge will be dropped.
  2. Fighting a Speeding Ticket Could Keep Points Off Your Record. If you get enough points on your license, it will cause you to lose your driving privileges. In California, if you get four points in one year, six points within two years, or eight points in three years, then the state will suspend your license for six months. However, hiring a speeding ticket lawyer can help you to avoid this by having your case dismissed entirely or reducing the number of points added to your record.
  3. You Want to Avoid an Increase in Your Auto Insurance Premium. Many people may not realize that a speeding ticket can lead to an increase in your auto insurance premium. If you’re convicted of a moving violation, then the state will add two points to your driving record. This can result in higher premiums for years after the initial violation occurred. A speeding ticket attorney may be able to prevent points from being added to your record so that you do not have to worry about dealing with this extra financial burden.
  4. You Have a Valid Defense. If you were driving too fast because of an emergency or other circumstances beyond your control, you might have a valid defense against your ticket that will allow you to get off scot-free. A skilled lawyer can help you determine if this applies to your case and how best to present this information before the judge.

An Experienced Speeding Ticket Lawyer in the San Bernadino

If you’ve been charged with speeding, you may be feeling pretty anxious about what it means for your driving record, your finances, or even your job. At the Law Office of David Leicht, we can help.

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