How to Choose an Apple Valley Felony Defense Attorney

Posted on November 8, 2022 by John

If you are convicted of a felony, there are several ways that it can negatively affect your life. A felony conviction can make finding employment, obtaining housing, or receiving government benefits challenging. In addition, depending on the type of felony, you may be required to face certain restrictions, such as registering as a sex offender if applicable.

If you have a felony charge, it is important to seek the help of a qualified defense attorney who will fight for a favorable outcome in your case. And when it comes to hiring a defense attorney for a felony case, do your research and look for certain qualities—there are a few things to consider when choosing an Apple Valley felony defense attorney.


Hiring a defense attorney with extensive experience can help your case immensely. They can challenge the evidence against you and use what they find to build a defense. This can help you avoid a conviction or reduce the severity of the sentence if you are found guilty. If you are facing a charge for a serious offense such as murder, drug trafficking, or fraud, it is important to consider the advantages of working with an experienced Apple Valley felony defense attorney.


When looking for a felony defense attorney, you want to find a good communicator. If an attorney is an effective communicator, they can clearly explain their strategy and understandably answer your questions. You will also need your attorney to provide you with timely updates and speak with prosecutors, law enforcement, and others clearly and professionally.

When you call the attorney’s office or meet in person to discuss your case, take note of how well they speak with you. Their ability to explain their legal strategy and answer your questions is a good way to gauge their communication skills.

Trial Reputation

Another crucial matter is finding a skilled Apple Valley felony defense attorney with a track record of winning cases at trial. Prosecutors respect a defense attorney with a reputation of familiarity and fearlessness in court and may make a reasonable plea agreement as opposed to risking a loss in court.

Due to his background in law enforcement, time spent as a bailiff in the San Bernardino County court system, and years spent as an attorney in the same courts, having David Leicht on your side can bring some distinct advantages. Because of his reputation and expertise, he is a skilled trial litigator who anticipates techniques that local prosecutors may employ. These qualities make for an effective defense before a judge and jury, giving you the greatest chance of success.

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