How to lessen the impact of a speeding ticket

Posted on October 2, 2017 by John

In California, when you get a speeding ticket, investing in an experienced speeding ticket attorney can make great sense, since the state has some of the highest penalties in the nation for speeding and other minor traffic violations. Because of automatic surcharges, fines and penalties can easily surpass $1,000 as well as increased insurance costs when the points on your driver’s license are assessed.

Although only a small fraction of tickets is contested nationwide because people think it’s just easier to write a check, pop it in the mail and be done with it, the truth is that sometimes the circumstances can be questioned. There could have been weather or road conditions that impacted how the vehicle had to be driven, or an officer’s subjective observations may not have been accurate, challenging a ticket is the right way to go for many reasons.

Another way to beat the high cost of a speeding ticket

Using an attorney to fight a ticket and keep as much money in your pocket as possible has been about the only recourse for penalty- weary Californians, until now.

Under a proposal by the California legislature, some drivers may be able to pay less for speeding tickets and many other types of traffic tickets by linking the cost of the ticket to their ability to pay. In other words, the lower your income, the less you would be required to pay if you get a traffic ticket.

Analysis shows that the proposal may make economic sense for the state, despite some criticisms of the possible passage of the law.

By making it more affordable for people to pay fines who could not do so otherwise, means that the state can collect more in fines than it would otherwise. In addition, people who wouldn’t normally pay steep fines and who lose their license, as a result, could now pay their fines, keep their licenses and remain productive members of the economy. Specifically, it means that by keeping their licenses, drivers can keep their jobs, allowing the state to collect more income taxes and pay out less in unemployment.

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