Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) DUI: What Are My Defense Options?

Posted on March 9, 2023 by John

The California commercial driver’s license (CDL) DUI charges are among the most serious in the nation. Punishment for conviction in California will always include having your CDL suspended. When this happens, you lose your ability to work and support your family.

It’s important to fight these charges with an experienced legal professional who understands how to navigate this complicated process and can help you get back on track as quickly as possible.

California Law Regarding DUI and Commercial Drivers

Drivers who operate commercial vehicles, such as big rigs and buses, are held to a higher standard than personal vehicle drivers. Commercial vehicle operation often involves larger vehicles that could pose an extreme risk to others if not handled properly. Under California law, drivers operating their vehicles with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .08% or higher break the law. Because commercial vehicle operation often involves larger vehicles hauling potentially hazardous materials, the legal BAC level is lower for CDL drivers— below .04%, according to California Vehicle Code 15210.

DUI Conviction Has Dire Consequences for CDL Drivers

If you are a commercial driver in California and you’re convicted of DUI, your license will be suspended for one year. That means your job as a commercial driver is completely at stake. And when a potential future employer inquires about your criminal history, if you have a prior DUI conviction, they may hold it against you. As a result, even after that year-long suspension has expired, you may still not be allowed to work as a commercial driver.

Furthermore, DUI convictions in California, whether involving personal or commercial driving, carry the possibility of jail time, fines, a suspended or restricted license, and negatively impact your ability to obtain auto insurance coverage.

Skilled Legal Representation is Vital

California law is very strict regarding DUI among CDL drivers. And the consequences are severe. That’s why it’s vital to retain the services of a skilled DUI defense attorney. An experienced attorney may investigate the accuracy of the test used to determine your blood alcohol level since the chemical tests and the laboratory processing procedures have a margin of error. Further, they may question whether the arrest was lawful in the first place. They may be able to have the blood or breath test evidence thrown out as a result of these findings.

The Legal Help You Need

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