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5 Reasons You Should Hire a Felony Defense Lawyer

A felony defense is certainly not something to be taken lightly. Although some people like to treat it as such, the truth is that without a solid case in your favor, the likelihood of you being found not guilty is slim to none.

Fortunately, with a felony defense lawyer on your side, you can assess the situation, compile data and evidence, and determine the best approach to your case with ease. However, if that isn’t enough to prove the validity of an attorney, below are five more reasons to hire a felony defense attorney that are sure to make it apparent for you.

1.Your Case is Complicated

One of the first ideal reasons to hire a felony defense attorney is if your case is particularly complicated or difficult. For instance, if you are innocent but don’t have evidence or if the case is being exaggerated by someone with a deep negative history with you, having a defense attorney will help you to state your case and come up with proof that is sure to be in your favor.

2.You do not Have the Upper Hand

The second reason to hire a defense attorney is when the odds are not in your favor. When the cards are stacked against you, a felony defense attorney may be your last hope. In many cases where an individual feels lost or helpless, an attorney finds a way to pull them out of this hole and put them back on top with a case to stand on.

By choosing a reliable criminal defense attorney[1] , you can make even the impossible possible and either reduce or drop the charge entirely in no time.

3.You Have Actual Proof to Back Your Innocence

The next reason to hire a defense attorney is in the case in which you have tangible proof to back your innocence. For instance, if you have someone claiming you stole from them or hurt them, but you have an alibi or other evidence to deny this, you will certainly want someone to compile this evidence and state it in the best way possible to the court.

Although you could learn how to separate court evidence[2]  on your own, why spend the excess time worrying and stressing when you can have someone do it for you that has done it hundreds of times before?

4. The Felony has Potential to be Reduced to a Misdemeanor

In some court cases, the felony can be reduced to a misdemeanor if tangible proof is given, and a great case is displayed in your favor. Unfortunately, on your own, this brilliant case is unlikely to be made and you are more likely to pay the consequences because of it.

However, if you hire a felony defense lawyer, you can rest assured your case will be displayed in the best way possible, potentially leading to a lesser charge.

5. You Want Your Felony Defense to be Flawless

In that same vein, if you want your felony defense to be flawless, there is truly no one else you can trust other than a reliable felony defense lawyer. With an experienced felony defense lawyer on your side, you can put your case behind you in no time and begin to live your life once again because of it.

For those looking for representation in the Needles area, feel free to contact us[3]  at Leicht Law today for an assessment of your case, and we’ll help you get back to life shortly!

When to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Bernardino, California

Being charged with a crime is a lot more than just an inconvenience.  It can jeopardize your ability to go to the college of your choice or to obtain a license to practice the profession you’ve always dreamed of.  It can also hurt your reputation and interfere with your business or your relationships.  If you’ve been charged with a crime, you need to hire a criminal defense lawyer in San Bernardino, California.  The expert staff at the Law Office of David Leicht is dedicated to serving you with professionalism and integrity.

What Does Criminal Law Cover?

Criminal law is a very broad area that covers violations of various penal codes that are designed to protect public safety at the state and federal levels.  Crimes are generally classified as misdemeanors or felonies.  Misdemeanors are more minor crimes, while felonies are serious and include violent crimes like murder and rape as well as some white-collar crimes, such as fraud.  If you’ve been charged with any crime more serious than a minor traffic violation, you will benefit by hiring an attorney.  David Leicht of San Bernardino, California offers you expert professional legal advice that you can count on.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Protect Your Rights

The job of a criminal defense lawyer is to give you, the defendant, a voice and to fight for your rights.  When you’re charged with a crime, you’ll face a prosecutor who’s out to prove that you’re guilty.  An experienced criminal defense attorney knows how to deal with the bait that the prosecutor will throw out to you to get you to incriminate yourself.  This attorney knows the tricks of the trade and can help you keep from creating even more difficulty for yourself.  The Law Office of David Leicht of San Bernardino, California is the place to call when you need a real legal professional to have your back.

Call to Schedule a Free Legal Consultation with a Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Bernardino, California Today

If you’ve been charged with a crime, call to schedule a free legal consultation with a criminal defense lawyer in San Bernardino today.  The legal experts at the Law Office of David Leicht are ready to prepare the best possible defense for your criminal case.  Call us at 760-256-3104 and let us be your advocates.

Top 3 Things to Look out for in a Criminal Defense Attorney

Your court case means everything to you and your current state of life. You are hoping for an amicable solution and a chance to get back to everyday life. To help you do that, you’ve chosen what you believe to be a reliable criminal defense attorney.

However, how can you actually tell if your criminal defense attorney is all they’re cracked up to be? Furthermore, if you choose the wrong one, it could mean an irreversible charge on your record unnecessarily, so what can you do to avoid this? Fortunately, by paying attention to the three factors below, you can find the right attorney for you.

1. Their Online Ratings and Track Record are bad

Although Yelp may seem like a silly thing to pay attention to when hiring a criminal defense attorney, rating sources like that may be able to paint a clearer picture of your attorney and help you to avoid a bad one.

For instance, if your possible candidate has terrific reviews on their personal site, but their Yelp has an abysmal one-star rating, you can review the feedback given and find out exactly why they are rated so poorly as well as get a better image of what to expect with them.

Similarly, if you can’t find reviews on their site, but you check out a rating app like Yelp and find impeccable and real reviews, you can get an idea of their track record and know you are working with a reliable source for your case.

2. They Have No Attention to Detail

The next thing you will want to look out for is a criminal defense attorney without attention to detail. According to Prospects[1] , a resource for new law students, “A sharp eye for accuracy is crucial to the success of your legal career. A single word out of place can change the meaning of a clause or contract, while misspelled or ungrammatical emails, letters, or documents can give clients a bad impression, costing your firm their business.”

With this said, having an attention to detail is something a qualified criminal defense attorney should absolutely be capable of. If you find your attorney does not have that attention to detail down, it is best to opt for someone that does, as your case may depend on it.

3. The Criminal Defense Attorney Has Bias Towards You

Lastly, although most lawyers despise the very thought of bias in a courtroom, it still occurs every now and then. In many cases, having a criminal defense attorney means they must get to know the very personal details of your case that can sometimes shed a negative light on you from the initial perspective.

However, a qualified criminal defense attorney will know not to judge you and will not have a negative bias towards you whatsoever for your actions. If you feel even slightly that this is not the case with your attorney, you should definitely choose someone else immediately to not have a case that is meant to make you fail out of the process.

In the end, finding a high-quality criminal defense attorney is all about research and dedication. However, if you want a Victorville criminal defense attorney with years of experience and a track record to prove it, feel free to contact Leicht Law today[2] !

Hire an Expert to Represent You For Felony Charges in Apple Valley, California

All felony charges are a serious matter, but felony crimes can range from somewhat minor fraud charges to homicide.  In any case, if you’ve been charged with a felony in California, you need legal representation that is experienced and caring. Our Apple Valley California felony defense can represent those like you looking for someone to represent them throughout the entire legal process ahead.  The penalties for a felony charge can jeopardize your freedom, cost you a lot of money, and ruin your reputation for life.  That’s why the smart thing to do is to consult with an expert like the legal professionals at the Law Office of David Leicht of Apple Valley, California.

White Collar Crimes

In this digital age of advanced technology, the ways in which white collar, or paper and computer crimes, can be committed are only limited by the creativity of the perpetrators.  It’s difficult for law enforcement professionals to keep up with the types of crimes being committed, and all too often, there are misunderstandings.  When you’re charged with a white-collar crime, you need the help of an attorney who has experts on his staff who understand the complexities of cyber crimes and other modern white-collar crimes.  When experience and knowledge are crucial to the outcome of your case, the Law Office of David Leicht of Apple Valley, California can make all the difference.

The Three Strikes Law

In the state of California, if you are charged with a felony offense for the third time, the three strikes law will go into effect.  This means that you may be automatically sentenced to 25 years to life in prison with no possibility of parole. However, if the crime was not one of violence, there may be some chance of reducing the sentence.  The best chance of this depends upon the legal representation you hire.  David Leicht of Apple Valley, California has worked many years on the police force as well as a defense attorney and is a seasoned professional who can give you that best chance.

Call to Schedule a Free Legal Consultation With a Felony Charges Attorney in Apple Valley, California Today

If you’ve been charged with a felony, call to schedule a free legal consultation with a felony charges attorney in Apple Valley, California today.  Find a true professional who is dedicated to being your advocate.  Call us at 760-256-3104 and let the Law Office of David Leicht be your voice.

Top Reasons to Find Barstow Felony Defense

Having the best defense is important, as this is something that is required when protecting yourself in a court of law. A felony charge is a serious matter, and if you do not have the right legal help, this can cause problems. With the Barstow felony defense lawyers by your side in California, you can have a better chance of getting out of the issues you’re dealing with.

Learn more about the court offices and what to expect from finding a defense lawyer that can help.

Speaking with the Defense Lawyer

When you speak with the defense lawyer, you’re going to learn more about what they do, how they can help, and why you’d want to hire them. This is because you want to hire the right person. Getting to know them is just as important as them getting to know you and why you’re in the position you are in.

When the Barstow felony defense lawyer asks questions, it is important to let them know as much information as you possibly can. This will help them better provide the defense that you need in the courtroom.

Learn More About Barstow Felony Defense Lawyers in California

Those that are looking for this type of help and can find it right around the corner. Do not let this type of issue go unresolved without finding the best help out there. They can provide the help that is needed when a felony charge has been brought on you. They have the knowledge required to help get you out of the hard spot you find yourself in.

You can give the Law Office of David Leicht a call today to find out how their professionals are able to provide the help needed. Call (760) 256-3104 and we can speak with you regarding the case that you have today.

Apple Valley Lawyer Defends You for Reckless Driving Charges

Reckless driving is a charge that is serious by nature but can range greatly in seriousness depending upon the circumstances.  Reckless driving is driving in a manner that displays explicit disregard for the safety of other person or property.  It’s usually at least a misdemeanor and adds points to your record.  If you’ve been charged with reckless driving, you need to consult with an experienced lawyer.  David Leicht of the Law Office of David Leicht of Apple Valley, California has the expertise and experience needed to defend your reckless driving charges case.

Wet Reckless Driving Charges

If you were drinking alcoholic beverages at the time of the reckless driving charge, having a DUI charge in addition to a reckless driving charge will leave a black mark on your driving record.  In that case, it may be possible to plea bargain for a lesser charge.  A charge of “wet reckless driving” is a lesser charge than a full DUI and can mean a lighter sentence and penalties.  David Leicht is a defense attorney in Apple Valley, California who is familiar with the local law enforcement system.  He can negotiate your charges and give you your best chance of having them lessened.

Penalties for Reckless Driving

One huge determining factor as to how severe the charges and penalties are is whether anyone was injured in the incident.  A standard reckless driving charge in which no one is hurt, and there are no other complications can carry up to 90 days in jail and up to $1000 in fines.  Reckless driving charges involving severe injuries like fractures or brain trauma may result in three years in prison and may be charged as a felony.  The legal professionals at the Law Office of David Leicht of Apple Valley, California, will create your best defense so that you can get the minimum possible charges.

Call to Schedule a Free Legal Consultation with a Reckless Driving Lawyer in Apple Valley, California Today

If you’ve been charged with reckless driving, call to schedule a free legal consultation with a reckless driving lawyer in Apple Valley, California today.  David Leicht has many years of experience working as a police officer as well as a defense attorney and will be your voice during this challenging time.  Call us at 760-256-3104 and let an expert represent you.

Calling on a Trusted Barstow Criminal Defense Attorney

When you need help from an attorney, it is important that you speak with the right one for the job. This means finding the best attorney that understands your case, trusts in you, and wants to be your voice in the court of law. The Barstow criminal defense attorney that you choose is the attorney that can provide the help needed.

If you find yourself being arrested for something, it is important to speak with the right attorney as soon as possible.

Who to Call When You’re Arrested?

When you are arrested, it is important that you reach out to someone that can provide the help needed. When you find yourself in a tight spot, calling someone that understands the court process and how to work with someone to lessen their charge or even get them off is important.

As soon as you are arrested and they tell you why, regardless of whether you did it or not, it is important not to speak with them. You want to wait until you give your attorney a call. This is because you want them there to guide you through this process so that it all works out for the best. Call as soon as possible for the best possible help.

Call the Professional Barstow Criminal Defense Attorney Today

You don’t want to leave your fate to California law. Make sure to give the Barstow criminal defense attorney a call. They can ensure that you get the help that is needed and speak with a specialized lawyer for your case.

If you’re in jail, have been arrested, or might be arrested, then it might be time to give the Law Office of David Leicht a call at (760) 256-3104. They can provide the help that is needed, regardless if it is a felony charge or a criminal one, we have the knowledge to help you.

When You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Mojave, California

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you’re worried that your reputation and your freedom could be at stake. You’re probably aware that a charge of a misdemeanor or felony could involve expensive fines or even jail time, and you know that you need the best legal representation you can find. An experienced defense attorney who understands the legal system and who is familiar with the local courts is what you’re looking for, and you’ll find that at the Law Office of David Leicht of Mojave, California.

What To Do When Facing Criminal Charges

You may be at home relaxing or at a local restaurant with your family when suddenly a policeman approaches you, shows you his badge, and says you have to come down to the station.  You’re so overwhelmed with surprise that you don’t know what to do.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to explain away the charges.  In fact, don’t talk to anyone until you’ve called a good Mojave, California criminal defense attorney like David Leicht.  He’ll help you navigate the criminal justice system and see if you can obtain bail.

Working With a Defense Attorney

When you’ve been charged with a crime, a defense attorney is there to give you a voice.  When you first speak with your lawyer, you can describe your charges in detail, and he’ll explain what you can expect next.  Clear and thorough communication is essential here, so don’t leave out any facts that are pertinent to your case.  Make sure you discuss the fee agreement before the case progresses further.  Your lawyer is obligated to keep your information confidential and to follow the local law.  The legal professionals at the Law Office of David Leicht of Mojave, California always have your best interests in mind.

Call to Schedule a Free Legal Consultation With a Criminal Defense Attorney in Mojave, California Today

When you’re in trouble with the law, call to schedule a free legal consultation with a criminal defense attorney in Mojave, California today.  The Law Office of David Leicht offers representation for a variety of crimes, from probation violations to all misdemeanors and felonies.  When you want an expert lawyer, who is dedicated to defending your rights, give us a call at 760-256-3104 and let our professional representation make a difference in your case.