3 Reasons to Fight Your Traffic Ticket

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So, perhaps, you turned down a one-way road by accident or didn’t make a complete stop before turning on a red light. Although this may not seem like much, it was surely enough for a police officer to stop you and present you with a traffic ticket. However, fortunately, in most cases, these tickets can be fought and lead to a win in your favor with only a bit of preparation and a qualified traffic ticket attorney on your side.

If you aren’t sure your traffic ticket can be fought, let’s look at three reasons to fight a traffic ticket and further solidify the fact that all traffic ticket cases have a chance if represented correctly.

1. Paying the Ticket is an Admission of Guilt

One of the first reasons to fight a traffic ticket is that paying it is considered an admission of guilt by the court. This means that simply by paying for the ticket without fighting it, you will have a traffic violation on your record that you plead guilty to.

Because it is so easy in most cases to fight a traffic ticket, why admit guilt at all? Instead, take the extra time and keep your traffic record clean and violation-free.

2. The Officer is Unlikely to Show up

The second reason to fight a ticket is that the police officer that issued the ticket must show up to court for you to be found guilty. If they do not, the case may be dismissed. Because you can set the date between a list of dates, choosing a day when the officer will be at work may be an easy win for you as they won’t be able to come in to state their side of the story.

Although they may send in their notes, a simple written request to review the officer’s notes[1]  can lead to you building a case that they can’t defend in court. Therefore, why take the violation when you can be found not guilty simply by having one person choose to not show up to your case?

4. Camera Tickets are Surprisingly Easy to Beat with a Traffic Ticket Attorney on Your Side

Although this may not sound realistic, the truth is that there are many strategies for fighting a traffic ticket[2]  out there. These strategies tend to be consistent and reliable, even with the most failproof evidence such as camera footage.

When it comes to camera traffic tickets, there are three ways to fight them that are sure to succeed. The first is to inspect the photo that the police department delivers to you. If the photo is specifically blurry or you cannot discern beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is you in the photo, the judge cannot find you guilty.

The second choice is to wait and see if someone from the camera company shows up to the trial. If they do not, you have the right to ask the judge to exclude the photo as there is no one to validate the fact that the camera was working properly on that specific day. In many cases, this leads to not enough evidence to charge you and, therefore, will win you the case.

Lastly, the third way to fight a camera-based traffic ticket is to prove you were only speeding or making an illegal turn to avoid a potential accident. Although this is the hardest to prove, if you do have evidence to back you, the case will surely be dropped with ease.

Still, the best way to beat any of these cases is to hire a traffic ticket attorney that is knowledgeable and aware of these rules and many more just like them. If you are looking for a Victorville traffic ticket attorney for an upcoming case, don’t hesitate to call us today[3]  and together we’ll find the solution that’s best for you.