What is the Aftermath of a Reckless Driving Charge?

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Reckless driving is not something that anyone wants to be charged with. Although reckless driving may not be considered as bad as a DUI or DWI, it is still something that can significantly effect your life in the long run.

To prove this, let’s take a look at the aftermath of a reckless driving charge both on your life and your record as well as how a reckless driving defense attorney can help you avoid it all.

What a Reckless Driving Charge Does to Your Record

When you are first charged with reckless driving, you have a chance to dispute it in court and potentially be found not guilty. However, if you can not prove your innocence, you will have a reckless driving charge on your record for at least the next 5 to 10 years[1]  of your life.

Although this may not sound like much, a reckless driving charge on your record that you are found guilty of will come up in background checks, affect your ability to drive in most cases for at least a period of time, and will lead to a negative driving infraction on your record. This will likely be used as proof of a bad record if you are charged with another driving infraction in the future.

What a Reckless Driving Charge Does to Your Life

Despite the record being bad enough, the effect a reckless driving charge will have on your life is even worse. For starters, a reckless driving charge will show up on your record and could exclude you from job opportunities, apartments, and other major daily life necessities.

This can quickly become a major problem and will only continue to be an issue until it is either expunged or the record period has expired. Furthermore, the hefty fines you will likely have to pay because of the charge will also surely affect you financially as well. This is why having a reckless driving defense attorney is so essential.

How a Reckless Driving Defense Attorney can Help

Now that you know more about how reckless driving can affect your life and record, you’ll likely want to avoid that entirely. This is where a defense attorney comes into the picture. With an experienced and qualified reckless driving defense attorney on your side, you can either have the case dismissed, have the charge reduced, or get a withheld judgment that will eliminate these problems.

With this said, if this option sounds like the one for you then it’s time for you to call the #1 Victorville reckless driving defense attorney[2]  today and avoid the lifelong damage altogether.