An Apple Valley Speeding Ticket Attorney Can Help You

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Fines associated with speeding tickets are higher than ever, and if you’re in a hurry, it’s possible to find yourself exceeding the speed limit before you’re even aware of it.  Before you know it, lights are flashing, the sound of sirens has interrupted your daydream, and a police officer is writing you a ticket that could get very expensive.  But don’t despair, because all is not lost.  Hiring a speeding ticket attorney like David Leicht of Apple Valley, California can help you get your traffic ticket charge reduced.

Reasonable and Prudent is Key

Speed limits for various roads and highways are set with good road conditions in mind, but regardless of the conditions, drivers are expected to be reasonable and prudent in their choice of driving speed.  When weather conditions are good, and the roads are clear, a speed limit of 55 mph may be appropriate, but on a rainy day with slick roads and reduced visibility, an officer may pull you over for driving at 55 mph because conditions are bad.  Consulting with a speeding ticket attorney like David Leicht of Apple Valley, California can give you sound legal advice in any speeding ticket case.

Costs of Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets can be expensive, not just because of the base fine you are charged for going over the limit, but also because of added penalty assessments and fees.  These fees amount to a lot more than the base fines, and a violation with a $20 base fine can easily turn into a ticket that costs you over $170.  It can save you money in both fines and auto insurance premiums if you hire a speeding ticket lawyer to get your ticket charge reduced.  Attorney David Leicht of Apple Valley, California has the knowledge to get this done.

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