A Skilled Attorney Can Defend Your Traffic Ticket Charge in Wrightwood, California

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Getting a traffic ticket in California is often a surprise.  Occasionally, we find ourselves going over the speed limit when we’re in a hurry to get somewhere or are thinking about something else, and an officer writes us an expensive ticket.  If the ticket involves a large fee or something more than a minor offense, calling an attorney is a wise thing to do.  David Leicht of the Law Office of David Leicht of Wrightwood, California can help you negotiate your traffic ticket so that it doesn’t break the bank.

What to Do When You Get a Traffic Ticket

The worst thing you can do if you get a traffic ticket is to ignore it.  Don’t just set it aside and not pay it and don’t fail to show up in court if you want to dispute it.  This is a good way to get your license revoked.  Instead, be proactive about the ticket and contact a skilled attorney.  An attorney like David Leicht of Wrightwood, California, can help reduce the number of points that are added to your driving record so that your auto insurance costs don’t skyrocket. 

Defenses Against a Traffic Ticket

One thing you should understand if you’ve received a traffic ticket is that the giving of a traffic ticket by a police officer is not an exact science.  Since the officer must make a judgment call about whether or not you were driving safely, there’s a defense called subjective challenge.  Your attorney may use this defense to argue that you were driving in a reasonably safe manner.  Once all the facts of the case are brought to light, sometimes this is truly the case.  An experienced defense attorney like David Leicht of Wrightwood, California, who has also served as a police officer can give you the added benefit of knowing how a traffic cop may think.

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