California Rated the #1 State for Speeding Tickets

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Recently, a new study performed by United Speeders of America [1] chose to analyze the amount and likelihood of getting a speeding ticket for every state in America. The results were particularly shocking for most states. However, the largest amount of speeding tickets issued per year went to the state of California, despite California boasting a relatively relaxed law enforcement infrastructure.

The question is, why? Why has the state of California reportedly issued a whopping 1,053,925 speeding tickets in the last year alone? Furthermore, why is this number continuing to increase as time goes on, and how can a speeding ticket attorney help your odds? To answer all of this and more, let’s look at California’s obsession with speeding tickets and how a speeding ticket attorney can truly help.

California’s Obsession with Speeding Tickets

Since 2011, according to the results found, California speeding ticket numbers have only continued to rise. Between 2011 and 2017, the numbers nearly tripled. However, the big difference wasn’t more reckless drivers or even the rising population levels.

The truth is that these staggering numbers are based on an increase in enforcement for the safety and greater good of the state. Although this is understandable, this may mean trouble for those that are simply trying to get from point A to point B safely. Because law enforcement is cracking down, the likelihood of receiving a ticket without proof nowadays is far higher.

Fortunately, with a speeding ticket attorney, you can easily prove your innocence and not get stuck in the center of stricter speeding enforcement rules in the process.

Will a Speeding Ticket Attorney Help?

Just as having a driving instructor years ago helped you to drive according to the law, having a speeding ticket attorney allows you to stay within the parameters of the law and still succeed.

This means that, by simply having an attorney on your side, you can avoid the ticket on your record entirely and make a statement against this increase for innocent citizens statewide as well.

With this said, if you are in the Needles area and are looking for a Needles speeding ticket attorney that is sure to help you win the case, call us today[2]  at Leicht Law and let us help you ‘speed’ out of the courtroom in no time!