3 Reasons to Dispute a DUI Charge

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A DUI is often considered one of the most damning misdemeanors out there. Although a DUI can also be considered a felony in some cases, the average DUI charge remains a misdemeanor, and yet, the results can be life-shattering.

With this said, the question is whether disputing a DUI case is even possible and worth it in the long run. To answer this, below are three reasons to dispute a DUI charge that are sure to kickstart your defense case in no time.

1. There is not Enough Proof, or You are Innocent

Although in many cases the driver is intoxicated, and the proof only piles on from there, some cases throughout the years have been something entirely different, and the defense is what proved it.

Law suggests that you can get arrested for legal prescription usage before driving and be charged for it too. According to FindLaw[1] , “State legislatures want to do everything in their power to prevent any form of impaired driving to ensure safety on the roads. Even though you may be taking medications legally, either because a doctor prescribed them, or you purchased them at a pharmacy, you can still be arrested for a DUI from legal drug use if your driving is impaired in any way.”

With this said, there is a clear case if you were only taking medicine you didn’t know would have that effect or they did not test you whatsoever before arresting you, and the BAC level was nonexistent.

2. The Lasting Negative Effects on Your Life

The second reason to dispute DUI charge is the lasting negative affect a DUI charge will have on your life. For starters, DUI charges are highly expensive and require you to take a victim’s panel and online courses as well that all cost money and take up time in your day.

Furthermore, if the charge isn’t a misdemeanor, it may not show up on background checks, but any position that requires driving will be effectively null and void from then on. This includes Uber and Lyft part-time gigs that may be helping you with your monthly income significantly.

Lastly, the DUI also will lead to a driving suspension and a costly license reinstatement fine as well, which will only get worse from there if you ever get another DUI in your lifetime.

3. You Have a DUI Attorney That Believes Your Case Will win

The last reason to dispute a DUI charge is if your DUI attorney believes it is the right thing to do. When working with a DUI attorney, you are primarily using their experience and qualifications to prove your innocence.

Because of this, if your attorney thinks you have a case, it is best for you to agree and dispute the charge accordingly.

In the end, a DUI can significantly negatively affect your life without the help of a qualified DUI defense attorney on your side. With this said, if you are in the Victorville area looking for a DUI attorney that’s right for you, call us at Leicht Law[2]  and together we’ll begin putting this entire ordeal behind you and focus on a brighter future today!