How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You with DUI Charges in Hesperia, California

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A DUI, or driving under the influence charge, is a serious matter that can mean suspension of your driving privileges as well as a permanent black mark on your record. This can interfere with your ability to work in a chosen profession, to be licensed, or to get financial aid for education.  If you’ve been charged with DUI, you need an expert criminal defense attorney like David Leicht of The Law Office of David Leicht of Hesperia, California.

DUI Is a Serious Charge

A DUI charge is often based upon the blood alcohol level, or BAC.  If your BAC was 0.08% or more at the time you are pulled over by a police officer, you are considered legally drunk.  To avoid having this on your permanent record and to avoid paying expensive fees or doing jail time, you need to understand that this is a serious charge and contact a lawyer as soon as possible.  David Leicht of Hesperia, California offers you the bonus of his years of experience as a police officer as well as his expertise in criminal defense law.  He will look for any possible ways to get your charges reduced.

Penalties for DUI Can Be Severe

The penalties for a DUI offense can be severe, and suspension of your drivers’ license is almost automatic.  You can also serve jail time of up to six months if it is your first offense, and more if it is a second offense.  Penalties and fines can go up to $1000, and you may be required to drive with an Interlock Ignition Device, or IID.  The first thing you should do if you are charged with DUI is to call a lawyer who will be on your side.  You’ll find this in David Leicht of Hesperia, California.

Call to Schedule a Free Legal Consultation with a DUI Defense Attorney in Hesperia, California Today

If you’ve been charged with DUI, call to schedule a free legal consultation with a DUI defense attorney in Hesperia, California today.  David Leicht of the Law Office of David Leicht has more than a decade of experience defending those who have been charged with DUI and is familiar with California courtrooms.   Call us at 760-256-3104 and let us prepare your best possible defense.