Criminal Defense Attorney Provides Restraining Order Violations Defense in Barstow, California

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Restraining orders are court orders that are issued to prevent someone from contacting another person who requested the order (the petitioner) or to stay a certain distance away from this person.  They’re usually issued in cases of domestic discord or conflicts between intimate partners.  A restraining order is a serious matter and should not be ignored.  If you’ve been issued a restraining order, you need to consult with an attorney to protect your rights.  The legal professionals at the Law Office of David Leicht of Barstow, California will thoroughly investigate your case and give you sound legal guidance.

When A Restraining Order is Filed Against You

The first restraining order that you get is usually a temporary one.  To prevent it from turning into a permanent one, the most important thing to remember in the beginning is to obey the order to the letter.  If the order is based upon a specific incident, talk to any witnesses who may have been there.  Keep relevant records, like emails or phone records.  An experienced criminal defense lawyer like David Leicht of Barstow, California will use these things as tools to build your defense.

Common Mistakes Made by Those Under Restraining Orders

Often, in the state of anxiety and fear that is created by a restraining order, a person who has been petitioned will attempt to destroy evidence that is felt will be detrimental to his case or will try to contact supporters of the petitioner to convince them of his innocence.  Doing either one of these things is always a mistake because it is adding fuel to the fire.  The best thing to do when petitioned with a restraining order is to simply obey the order and contact an attorney immediately.  Attorney David Leicht of Barstow, California can take charge of the case with a cool head during this challenging time.

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