How a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Can Help You in Barstow, California

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In the hostile environment of a marriage or relationship gone bad, it is not uncommon for a spouse to make an allegation of domestic violence.  In the state of California, it does not take much more than the simple accusation of an act of domestic violence for a police officer to come to your home and arrest you.  If you’ve been charged with or arrested for domestic violence, you need competent and caring legal representation.  David Leicht of the Law Office of David Leicht of Barstow, California will give you all of that and more, using his years of experience as a police officer as well as a defense attorney.

What a Domestic Violence Conviction May Entail

The penalties that exist for a charge of domestic violence in Barstow, California are severe, and this type of charge is very serious and can leave an ugly mark on your criminal record.  If you’re an immigrant who is not a citizen, you may never be able to obtain citizenship.  You may also be sentenced to at least a minimum amount of jail time, may have to attend domestic violence classes, and may lose custody of a child.  You may even have a restraining order filed against you.

Possible Defenses to a Domestic Violence Charge

Several possible defenses can be used against a domestic violence charge.  It is possible that you were defending yourself against an assault.  It’s also possible that you were falsely accused, but even if the accuser wishes to drop the charges, you may still be charged by a prosecutor.  You may have acted with the intent of protecting a child or other vulnerable person.  Whatever the case may be, the legal experts at the Law Office of David Leicht of Barstow, California are dedicated to creating the best defense possible for your domestic violence charge.

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