5 Reasons You Should Hire a Felony Defense Lawyer

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A felony defense is certainly not something to be taken lightly. Although some people like to treat it as such, the truth is that without a solid case in your favor, the likelihood of you being found not guilty is slim to none.

Fortunately, with a felony defense lawyer on your side, you can assess the situation, compile data and evidence, and determine the best approach to your case with ease. However, if that isn’t enough to prove the validity of an attorney, below are five more reasons to hire a felony defense attorney that are sure to make it apparent for you.

1.Your Case is Complicated

One of the first ideal reasons to hire a felony defense attorney is if your case is particularly complicated or difficult. For instance, if you are innocent but don’t have evidence or if the case is being exaggerated by someone with a deep negative history with you, having a defense attorney will help you to state your case and come up with proof that is sure to be in your favor.

2.You do not Have the Upper Hand

The second reason to hire a defense attorney is when the odds are not in your favor. When the cards are stacked against you, a felony defense attorney may be your last hope. In many cases where an individual feels lost or helpless, an attorney finds a way to pull them out of this hole and put them back on top with a case to stand on.

By choosing a reliable criminal defense attorney[1] , you can make even the impossible possible and either reduce or drop the charge entirely in no time.

3.You Have Actual Proof to Back Your Innocence

The next reason to hire a defense attorney is in the case in which you have tangible proof to back your innocence. For instance, if you have someone claiming you stole from them or hurt them, but you have an alibi or other evidence to deny this, you will certainly want someone to compile this evidence and state it in the best way possible to the court.

Although you could learn how to separate court evidence[2]  on your own, why spend the excess time worrying and stressing when you can have someone do it for you that has done it hundreds of times before?

4. The Felony has Potential to be Reduced to a Misdemeanor

In some court cases, the felony can be reduced to a misdemeanor if tangible proof is given, and a great case is displayed in your favor. Unfortunately, on your own, this brilliant case is unlikely to be made and you are more likely to pay the consequences because of it.

However, if you hire a felony defense lawyer, you can rest assured your case will be displayed in the best way possible, potentially leading to a lesser charge.

5. You Want Your Felony Defense to be Flawless

In that same vein, if you want your felony defense to be flawless, there is truly no one else you can trust other than a reliable felony defense lawyer. With an experienced felony defense lawyer on your side, you can put your case behind you in no time and begin to live your life once again because of it.

For those looking for representation in the Needles area, feel free to contact us[3]  at Leicht Law today for an assessment of your case, and we’ll help you get back to life shortly!