Top 3 Things to Look out for in a Criminal Defense Attorney

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Your court case means everything to you and your current state of life. You are hoping for an amicable solution and a chance to get back to everyday life. To help you do that, you’ve chosen what you believe to be a reliable criminal defense attorney.

However, how can you actually tell if your criminal defense attorney is all they’re cracked up to be? Furthermore, if you choose the wrong one, it could mean an irreversible charge on your record unnecessarily, so what can you do to avoid this? Fortunately, by paying attention to the three factors below, you can find the right attorney for you.

1. Their Online Ratings and Track Record are bad

Although Yelp may seem like a silly thing to pay attention to when hiring a criminal defense attorney, rating sources like that may be able to paint a clearer picture of your attorney and help you to avoid a bad one.

For instance, if your possible candidate has terrific reviews on their personal site, but their Yelp has an abysmal one-star rating, you can review the feedback given and find out exactly why they are rated so poorly as well as get a better image of what to expect with them.

Similarly, if you can’t find reviews on their site, but you check out a rating app like Yelp and find impeccable and real reviews, you can get an idea of their track record and know you are working with a reliable source for your case.

2. They Have No Attention to Detail

The next thing you will want to look out for is a criminal defense attorney without attention to detail. According to Prospects[1] , a resource for new law students, “A sharp eye for accuracy is crucial to the success of your legal career. A single word out of place can change the meaning of a clause or contract, while misspelled or ungrammatical emails, letters, or documents can give clients a bad impression, costing your firm their business.”

With this said, having an attention to detail is something a qualified criminal defense attorney should absolutely be capable of. If you find your attorney does not have that attention to detail down, it is best to opt for someone that does, as your case may depend on it.

3. The Criminal Defense Attorney Has Bias Towards You

Lastly, although most lawyers despise the very thought of bias in a courtroom, it still occurs every now and then. In many cases, having a criminal defense attorney means they must get to know the very personal details of your case that can sometimes shed a negative light on you from the initial perspective.

However, a qualified criminal defense attorney will know not to judge you and will not have a negative bias towards you whatsoever for your actions. If you feel even slightly that this is not the case with your attorney, you should definitely choose someone else immediately to not have a case that is meant to make you fail out of the process.

In the end, finding a high-quality criminal defense attorney is all about research and dedication. However, if you want a Victorville criminal defense attorney with years of experience and a track record to prove it, feel free to contact Leicht Law today[2] !