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All felony charges are a serious matter, but felony crimes can range from somewhat minor fraud charges to homicide.  In any case, if you’ve been charged with a felony in California, you need legal representation that is experienced and caring. Our Apple Valley California felony defense can represent those like you looking for someone to represent them throughout the entire legal process ahead.  The penalties for a felony charge can jeopardize your freedom, cost you a lot of money, and ruin your reputation for life.  That’s why the smart thing to do is to consult with an expert like the legal professionals at the Law Office of David Leicht of Apple Valley, California.

White Collar Crimes

In this digital age of advanced technology, the ways in which white collar, or paper and computer crimes, can be committed are only limited by the creativity of the perpetrators.  It’s difficult for law enforcement professionals to keep up with the types of crimes being committed, and all too often, there are misunderstandings.  When you’re charged with a white-collar crime, you need the help of an attorney who has experts on his staff who understand the complexities of cyber crimes and other modern white-collar crimes.  When experience and knowledge are crucial to the outcome of your case, the Law Office of David Leicht of Apple Valley, California can make all the difference.

The Three Strikes Law

In the state of California, if you are charged with a felony offense for the third time, the three strikes law will go into effect.  This means that you may be automatically sentenced to 25 years to life in prison with no possibility of parole. However, if the crime was not one of violence, there may be some chance of reducing the sentence.  The best chance of this depends upon the legal representation you hire.  David Leicht of Apple Valley, California has worked many years on the police force as well as a defense attorney and is a seasoned professional who can give you that best chance.

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