Reasons to Fight Speeding Tickets in California

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When it comes to speeding tickets, there’s many benefits to fighting your tickets. First, of course it saves money. When you choose to just pay a ticket, it costs you not only in ticket fines or court fees, but also in traffic school fees and increased insurance rates. By using a traffic offenses attorney in California such as David Leicht, you can save money. This savings can mean thousands a year for many years to come.

Insurance & Points

When you pay off speeding tickets in California, you get a conviction on your DMV record with one point (2 points if over 100 mph). The DMV then reports this to your insurance company who sees you as a high-risk driver, so they increase your premiums. Ultimately, most moving violations carry at least one point. A point stays on your record for three years. Accumulating too many points can lead to a license suspension. Insurance companies are looking to make as much money as possible, so even just one point on your DMV record will give them a reason to charge you more. With the help of a traffic offenses attorney, you can prevent that from happening.

Call to Speak to a California Lawyer about Speeding Tickets Today

David Leicht, a California lawyer, can help save you time too. He can handle the entire legal process for you meaning no missed work hours. He also gives his clients peace of mind about not having to deal with court. When you use his legal services, you can avoid the anxiety associated with court cases. He is knowledgeable in California traffic law and knows the best defenses for every traffic violation including speeding tickets. To schedule an important phone consultation with him, call his Barstow, California office at 760-256-3104 today.