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At the Law Office of David Leicht, we are proud to serve San Bernardino County and the surrounding areas when they need us most. As a trial attorney in Barstow, David Leicht represents clients to insurance companies and in court. His job is to work hard to investigate a case, to present it with full knowledge of California civil law and to recover the damages or losses that arose because of someone’s negligence, due to defective products, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, or any other legal situation that warrants a lawsuit in California. If you believe that your personal injury case cannot be settled out of court, he will represent you to pursue maximum compensation for your pain, suffering, and other losses.

What can a trial attorney do for my case?

As a trial attorney, it is his initial job to determine the cause of a client’s injury. Whether because of failing to meet OSHA regulations, someone’s reckless behavior, or because of preventative safety precautions, he can represent any case easily giving you the respect, support, and aggressive representation that you deserve. He has full knowledge of the law and has a track record of being able to effectively resolve legal matters at the negotiating table or in the courtroom.

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Ultimately, anyone that has been injured in an accident directly or indirectly caused by negligent, reckless, or irresponsible behavior can seek financial compensation. A dedicated trial attorney such as David Leicht can fight for you and to get you the money that you deserve. During an initial consultation, he will discuss the details of your case and decide whether or not you have a valid. To learn more and to schedule this consultation, call his office at 760-256-3104.