Hire a Lawyer to Help with Record Expungements in California

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The process of expunging criminal records is sealing someone’s arrest or conviction record permanently. If you were wrongly arrested, this process allows your arrest records to be destroyed forever. California law with conviction records doesn’t destroy them entirely but changes their status from convicted to dismissed only. Whatever the case, the advantage of record expungement is that you don’t have to disclose the existence of these arrests or convictions to future landlords or employers. A professional California attorney such as David Leicht understands the legal process concerning expungements in California and can get you started with it immediately.

Understanding Record Expungement

Many people don’t know how to get started with this process or don’t know the qualifications associated with it. An experienced criminal records expungements attorney in California can work with you to get the proper paperwork filled out. In California, there is no statute of limitations associated with expungement, which is especially great for older charges.

How a Records Expungement Attorney in San Bernardino County California Can Help You

David Leicht fully understands just how important it is to expunge your arrest and criminal records. With many years of experience in the expungement process, you will never have to worry about the process as you have expert legal representation by your side. To schedule an important phone consultation with David Leicht today, call his office at 760-256-3104. He represents clients in Barstow, Hesperia, Adelanto, Wrightwood, Adelanto, Needles, and Fort Irwin. During this important phone call, he can learn the details of your case and answer any questions you have about this important legal process. Don’t wait to call any longer!