How a Misdemeanor Charges Defense Attorney Can Help Your Case in California

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When you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor, it can be scary. Although these charges are considered lesser than that of felonies, they can still be impactful on someone’s life. A misdemeanor charges defense attorney such as David Leicht can answer a variety of questions for his clients regarding their charges including:

  • Will I go to jail if I’m convicted?
  • What kind of fines can I expect to pay?
  • What steps should be taken to protect myself and my family?
  • How will this affect my future life?

The answer to these important questions will depend on the type of crime that someone is accused of. With the right experience and knowledge of California criminal laws, David Leicht can help give his clients peace of mind during this legal journey.

What are the consequences associated with a Misdemeanor Conviction?

A misdemeanor conviction can affect someone for a lifetime. They can face six months to a year in county jail and up to $1,000 in fines. When they leave jail, they will have a criminal record follow them for life, which will then affect where they can and if they can rent housing or if they can apply for certain jobs. Hiring the best misdemeanor charges defense attorney will help to positively affect your outcome.

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When it comes to misdemeanor charges in California, it’s important to retain legal counsel that has your back along the way. David Leicht, an experienced California defense lawyer, has fought these types of case successfully for years. He has an individualized approach to every case that he handles and investigates to appropriately strategize based on the details of each case. He can offer legal counsel when you need it the most in California. He represents clients in Barstow, Hesperia, Adelanto, Wrightwood, Adelanto, Needles and Fort Irwin, California. To learn more, call the Law Office of David Leicht at 760-256-3104.