How an Illegal Turn Ticket Defense Attorney Fights These Tickets

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In the State of California, there are some turning maneuvers that are improper or illegal. For instance, if you are charged with an illegal turn, it is because you made a U-turn at an intersection or somewhere where U-turns aren’t allowed.

Some ways you can commit this traffic violation include:

  • Turning right on a red light when it states it is prohibited
  • Not coming to a complete stop before making a right turn at a red light
  • Making a left turn where it is prohibited
  • Making an illegal U-turn

If you are cited for making this illegal turn, you will need the legal knowledge of an experienced illegal turn ticket defense attorney by your side such as David Leicht.

Understanding Traffic Laws and U-turn Laws

If you are cited for illegal U-turns, you will be fined and given one point on your driving record. The total fine will be between $200 to $400 with fines and penalty assessments. Some common U-turn charges including making a U-turn at a controlled intersection, in a business district, in a residence district, or unobstructed view necessary for the U-turn.

How to Fight Illegal Turn Tickets in California

If you receive a ticket for making an improper turn, you will need to speak to a highly-rated illegal turn ticket defense attorney such as David Leicht who can strategize several defense methods for your case. The officer’s view of the events may not be accurate or maybe signs weren’t marked. Whatever the case is, David Leicht is ready to schedule a consultation with you today to discuss your case. To schedule this phone call, call his Barstow law office at 760-256-3104 today.