How a I-15 Ticket Lawyer Can Help Save Your Driving Record

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If you have recently received a traffic violation for speeding or any other traffic offense on I-15, it’s important to seek legal representation from a professional I-15 ticket lawyer such as David Leicht. He has extensive experience defending people like you against a variety of traffic offenses. The moment that you secure legal assistance from his San Bernardino County legal office, he will immediately review your case and inform you of all of your rights.

Cell Phone Tickets on the I-15

Cell phone tickets are just one of the ticket offenses that drivers face on Interstate 15. There are a number of ways that someone can get a cell phone ticket including sending a text message, using GPS/navigation, or talking on the phone. A qualified traffic attorney such as David Leicht knows all California traffic laws and has the experience needed to defend against these types of charges. It’s important to seek the legal knowledge of a lawyer who can help defend you before you pay your ticket. Once you pay your fine, you admit guilt and you will receive points on your driver’s record.

Talk to an Experienced Traffic Ticket Lawyer in California Today

When you choose David Leicht to represent you, you can be sure that he will take the proper time to approach your case aggressively. He will work to save you both time and money. He offers free consultations to discuss potential cases and to answer any questions potential clients may have. He works with individuals in San Bernardino County, California including in the communities of Barstow, Hesperia, Adelanto, Wrightwood, Adelanto, Needles, and Fort Irwin. To schedule an important phone call with him today, call 760-256-3104.