What is a Federal Court Citations Ticket Attorney?

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Because of the immense amount of federal property in California, many drivers are getting federal court citations. Federal tickets are different than that of state ones as the federal court only hears traffic cases a few hours a month. Because traffic days are only posted once every three months, you’re expected to show up at the date and time on your citation, no questions asked. A federal court citation tickets attorney such as David Leicht can represent you and save you the hassle of going to court. He fully understands California and federal traffic laws and can uphold them in court for you.

Differences Between State and Federal Court Citations

In state court, you can request traffic school for moving violations, however this may not be the case in federal court. Your only option with federal court citation most of the time is to pay the fine and take a point on your license or appear at court. This makes it increasingly important to have highly-rated legal representation by your side to handle your case.

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With years of experience and resources, David Leicht, a federal court citations ticket attorney in California, has helped countless clients like you with federal court citations. He can strategize possible defenses to get you reduced or dropped charges in California. To discuss your case or to have any question answered, call to schedule an important phone consultation with him in San Bernardino County at 760-256-3104. He represents clients all over the county including in the communities of Barstow, Hesperia, Adelanto, Wrightwood, Adelanto, Needles and Fort Irwin.