What Can a California DUI Defense Attorney Do For You?

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A DUI is a criminal offense in California and is defined by impairment of functioning or unlawful blood alcohol or breath alcohol of over .08 in a vehicle or .04 in a commercial vehicle. A DUI Defense attorney in California from the Law Office of David Leicht represents individuals that have been charged with DUI. With countless years of experience, they know how to help defend their clients and to help them get reduced or dropped charges. They also fully known the California DUI laws and can uphold them in negotiations and/or trial if needed.

Understanding DUI Charges in California

If this is someone’s first conviction, they will usually recieve a fine unless their blood alcohol level was extremely high or if a minor was present in the vehicle. Community service is another requirement for some DUI charges as well as alcohol or drug treatment. A professional Barstow attorney works to find possible defenses to their clients’ charges.

What are some common defenses associated with DUI charges?

A DUI defense attorney will investigate different defenses to help their clients get reduced or dropped charges if possible. Some of these possible defenses include:

No probable cause: Police can only legally detain and arrest for DUI when they have probable cause that someone is drunk. If this Fourth Amendment has been violated, the charge must be dropped.

Breathalyzer Error: Electro-magnetic interferences, equipment malfunction or simply police office misuse can lead to false positives.

Defendant wasn’t driving: If the individual charged didn’t have any intention of driving, they may be able to drop their DUI charge too.

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