How a Drug Offenses Attorney in California Can Help Your Drug Charges

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California drug laws include manufacturing or cultivating illegal drugs, possession, and distribution or trafficking. The state classifies these offenses into five schedules with Schedule 1 being the most restricted and having the worst penalties. Convictions for any drug offenses in California can be severe. A California drug offenses attorney such as David Leicht fully understands all California drug laws and can represent individuals who have been charged to help them to get reduced or dropped charges for their cases.

Understanding Drug Possession Laws in California

Drug possession is an offense where someone doesn’t distribute, manufacture, or sell controlled substances, instead they hold them for their own use. Possession in the state of California changed after the passing of Proposition 47, which made these offenses punishable by only misdemeanor charges. These offenses, however, still carry up to a year in jail and large fines. A drug offense with possession with intent to sell means that someone possessed the drug and intended to sell or distribute it. This is a felony and the charge will depend on the amount of the drug, the schedule of the drug, and the person’s criminal past.

Hire a San Bernardino County California Drug Offenses Attorney to Defend You

A drug offenses attorney in California such as David Leicht has years of experience working with those charged with drug offenses in communities such as Barstow, Hesperia, Adelanto, Wrightwood, Adelanto, Needles, and Fort Irwin, California. His legal knowledge allows him to brainstorm defenses when it comes to these serious drug offenses. He will analyze your particular case to determine whether or not he believes it can be contested.

When you’re facing a drug offense in California and you need experienced legal representation that you can trust, contact The Law Office of David Leicht today by calling to schedule a consultation at 760-256-3104.