How a Commercial Driver DUI Defense Can Defend Your DUI Case in CA

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In California, someone licensed to operate commercial vehicles faces stricter penalties on the allowable blood concentration scale than regular drivers. You can lose your CDL for at least one year if you operate a vehicle with a .04% or higher BAC, you operate it under the influence of drugs, you refuse to submit to testing, you commit a felony involving the use of a commercial motor vehicle, you operate one while your license is suspended or you are found responsible for a fatality resulting from your negligence. A commercial driver DUI defense attorney such as David Leicht has years of experience representing individuals like you charged with a commercial driver DUI.

What are the Penalties for Commercial DUIs in California?

One obvious consequence is losing your CDL for a year is that you rely on it for work. The penalties for first commercial DUIs are one year, however a three-year suspension is given to those transporting hazardous materials and committing any offenses named above. If a driver operates a vehicle in the commission of a felony with a controlled substance, they lose their CDL for life. Second convictions of the first offenses will cause drivers to lose their license for life too. DUI test refusals in any incident for any offense will result in a lifetime suspension.

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