How a CDL Traffic Ticket Lawyer Helps Reduce Charges in CA

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If you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and were issued a traffic ticket in California, it’s important to win and have your traffic violations dismissed or you may lose your job. Your CDL is your livelihood and having a suspended one will affect your income. As a CDL holder in California, the points for traffic infractions you receive is 1.5 more than for non-commercial driver. You also are not eligible for traffic school, making it important for CDL holders to fight and win their traffic tickets. David Leicht, a CDL traffic ticket lawyer in Barstow, California, can help you save your license, points, fines, and win your ticket court case.

Why Hire a Lawyer in California to Represent You

David Leicht understands that as a commercial driver you spend a lot more time driving then that average person. This is why he works hard to fight for CDL drivers. Just one traffic violation can cause insurance rates to skyrocket, which can eat at your income. These insurance hikes stay for about 3 years. Certain violations such as speeding over 15 mph over the posted speed limit can be cited as a Criminal Misdemeanor resulting in an automatic 90-day suspension.

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When you need to fight CDL traffic tickets, David Leicht has the skills and resources to get the job done for you. He has years of experience representing individuals like you and will work diligently to get reduced or dropped charges for his clients. He represents clients in Barstow, Adelanto, Wrightwood, Hesperia, Fort Irwin, and Needles. To schedule an important phone consultation to discuss your case, call his law office at 760-256-3104 today.